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The offers a versatile solution used for a wide range of applications in the modern world with a promising future.

Commercial Solutions

Inovic LED offers a highly efficient and innovative commercial LED lighting range for modern offices and retrofit offices. A diversity of exquisite products is available to suit each and every type of room, setting and establishment. From massive conference rooms to compact cabins in the woods, the range of commercial lights is wide enough to compliment each and every type of space. Ambience and atmosphere matter when it comes to producing quality output wherever you work, be it a corporate office or a study room. LED lights are so versatile that you can use them in a wide variety of mixed media applications.

Outdoor Solutions

LED lighting is a great solution for a wide variety of outdoor lighting applications. Outdoor lighting can help your business stand out to potential customers, offer more security, and provide a better overall environment for employees. We have a large variety of outside LED lights that offer an assortment of features from parking structures and street fixtures to pathway and speciality options. We understand that outdoor space is just as important to light as indoor space. Inovic offers a variety of outdoor LED lighting solutions which will not only please your customers and employees but also save you money on operating costs.

Decorative Solutions

Lighting believes in illuminating a space with lights that inspire. The range of decorative lighting and fancy lights will suit the aesthetics and decor of every commercial and residential space. Brighten up your place with an energy efficient range of LED decorative lights that are designed to spruce up your favourite area with an artistic touch. Light fixtures can beautify your interior and exterior with decorative light bulbs, floor and wall. The energy-efficient and long-lasting d├ęcor items are of superior quality with remarkable designs which are certainly going to augment the style quotient of every interior location.

Industrial Solutions

Inovic led lighting solutions offers various types of luminaries for industrial lighting. Whether the automotive industry, metal and electrical industry, warehouse or logistics - people work everywhere. We ensure uniform illumination and appropriate positioning of luminaries in order to avoid reflections on the workpiece or machine surfaces and to prevent premature fatigue in employees. Light can enhance productivity while at the same time significantly reducing your energy costs. When you can see better and more clearly, you can also concentrate more effectively, eliminate errors and ultimately be more efficient in order to improve quality, productivity and safety.

Residential Solutions

When thinking of lighting up your home, Inovic LED lights to give you the option to illuminate different spaces as per your specifications. The advancements in technology continue to emerge into more and more consumer-friendly applications. LED lights for home are gaining popularity because of their low heat emission, great light colour, and sleek design. Inovic led Lighting brings an array of options in varied sizes and shapes, fitting different budgets and pockets as well as aspirations. Inovic lighting products for home helps you to make your life better. We offer unique designs that will help enhance interiors, adding perfect warmth to your environment.

Retail Solutions

Lighting delivers a cost-effective, sustainable solution that has a positive impact on visitors whether it is decorating a new retail store or retrofitting an existing one. Inovic, LED's retail lighting solutions are made to brighten your store as well as its products. Our range of LED accent light enhances the prominence, attractiveness, and vibrancy of the displayed merchandise in the store. Inovic LED lights for a retail store come in various lighting variations and control options. The ultimate goal is to encourage the consumer to purchase the products displayed in your stores as light plays an important role in making them look attractive.