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Touch switch is a smart device that enables you to turn on/off an appliance at one tap, whether it is manually or virtually. When the appliance is turned on, the device lights up blue in colour, there-fore physically checking every switch is not required, just check the light of the device and you are done. It is a device that can be configured with an automation app; it also allows you to modernize your switches and provides a smart look to your switches. These touch switches are available in three variants:

Touch Switch - 2 Module

This device enables you to connect two appliances and replace it with the old switch mechanism. The modern look and feel of the device and with smart features, you will be able to control the appli-ances at one tap

Touch Switch - 4 Module

Touch Switch 4 Module enables you to replace 4 old mechanism switches with the modernized ver-sions. You can connect 4 different appliances, such as lights, fans and bed lights to the touch switch, where you will be able to switch on/off the appliance at one-tap (manually and virtually with the app).

Fan dimmer Touch switch

This variant of Touch switch allows you to control the fan regulator with a tap. You don't have to use the old type of twisting regulator anymore. With one tap, you will be able to switch on the fan, and with another tap, you will be able to choose any speed you want. You don't have to twist all the way from 2 speed to 5 anymore, with this switch you can directly select the speed you want

30A Touch Switch

This variant of touch switch is for appliance rated under 30A such as Geysers, ACs and more. As the touch switch is Wi-Fi enabled, you will also be able to control and monitor the appliance with your smartphone.

  • Retrofit design: All the variants of Touch Switch can replace two old mechanism switch each.
  • Robust design: Advanced firmware and rugged hardware design for long-lasting performance
  • Built-in S-Wi-Fi: Equipped with secure Wi-Fi that ensures appliance control from any location
  • Voice Command: The automation app is compatible with all types of voice assistants such as Siri, Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant and more.
  • Running hours: Get the detailed running hours and control history of the device on your phone.
  • Modern structure: The exterior and interior design of the device was made to provide elegant and modernized ambience to the user.
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The right device for your Smart home

Touch switch won't just provide modernized ambience to your household, it will also provide you with best in class automation technology that will help you control and monitor the appliances pres-ent in your house or office. Since the touch switch lights up when an appliance is turned on, you will be able to view from a distance whether the appliances in the house or office are turned off or not before leaving. With voice command compatibility, you don't have to move an inch to turn on any appliance.

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